Moving Forward on Looking Back: Modern Memory Care Advancements

Many assisted living facilities are bereft of some of the resources that skilled nursing facilities have. Patients with memory diseases like Alzheimer’s previously found this difference between assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities difficult to find treatment in the former. However, recent advancements beyond pharmaceutical care have given assisted living centers the ability to effectively care for patients suffering from memory loss or dementia.

In this eBook, discover how the healthcare field is evolving to include many nontraditional and hands-on methods of care when it comes to memory diseases.

Read the discussion from healthcare professionals coming together to share their treatment victories at the Memory Care Forum, all of which focus on personal and drugless care (“What’s Your Best Practice for Memory Care?”).

Cynthia Morton, Executive Vice President of the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL), relays the progress is pay-for-quality models as well as the future of reimbursement for assisted living facilities (“The Fate of Your Stars: CMS and the New Quality Measures”).

You will also learn how modern technology and the Birdsong Initiative have bridged the gap for dementia patients who were having difficulty with social interactions (“Computer Engagement Reduces Antipsychotic Usage, Improves Quality of Life”).

Finally, take an in-depth trip with Kim Butrum – Senior Vice President, Clinical Services, Silverado – on the new memory care mindset and how we can provide a more purposeful life, now and in the future, for those suffering from Alzheimer’s (“A New Mindset in Memory Care”).

When it comes to treating these diseases that dim memories, the future is bright and enlightening as healthcare professionals embrace new ways to treat memory diseases. Computers, intimate care, and many innovations are paving the way to helping those in need in assisted living facilities.

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