White Paper: At Work in Long-Term | Post-Acute Care

brief.jpgPaperwork, compliance, bureaucracy: All these day-to-day practices are important for a long-term care facility’s existence. However, when they start to inundate clinicians’ time and impede their ability to focus on residents, there needs to be a call-to-action at the facility to ensure the quality of care and employee engagement remain high while distractions are at a minimum.

Long-Term care facilities are currently implementing workforce management automation to improve upon administrative duties. This has recently shown a rise in employee engagement and overall improvement on workflow. Workforce management automation can help schedule employees to meet resident demand, fairly deal with absences, and provide analytics to continually improve the system, among other quality-of-life enhancements.

Download “At Work in Long-Term | Post-Acute Care” to:

  • Get a better picture on what is obstructing long-term care employees
  • Discover options on driving workforce engagement
  • Ensure compliance in the workplace while maintaining high quality of care for residents


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